Kayenta Township Comprehensive Plan

The Planning Center developed the Kayenta Township Comprehensive Plan to ensure that future growth proceeds in a manner consistent with the long-range vision of Kayenta Township locate in the Navajo Nation. The guiding principles, goals, policies and implementation strategies are intended to provide guidance in the evaluation of future decisions related to land use, urban design, economic development, transportation and circulation, community facilities and utilities and infrastructure improvements. In developing the Comprehensive Plan, The Planning Center conducted an on-site, week-long design charrette which brought together public and private interest and stakeholders. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for appointed and elected officials in the evaluation of proposals for development, in the scheduling of community improvements and capital improvements programming, and in the development of more specific studies. The Comprehensive Plan serves as the road map for the development of Kayenta Township, the Main Gateway to Monument Valley, Arizona, a major world tourist destination in Arizona.