Pima County Comprehensive Plan

The Planning Center is completing The Comprehensive Plan Policy Document, Pima Prospers, which is Pima County’s most important document regarding growth, development and sustainable change. It establishes government policy to guide public and private activities as they relate to growth, land use, economic development, community services, public facilities, infrastructure and utilities, resource utilization and energy conservation. It is the basis for land development regulations and decisions (rezonings and special use permits), capital improvements (public projects such as infrastructure, schools, parks, libraries), transportation, environmental, cultural and historic resource protection initiatives, new county programs and decisions on the distribution of county budget dollars to a multitude of programs and agencies. Pima Prospers is action oriented with a work program that will be administered, monitored and updated annually. With Pima Prospers, Pima County intends to align, to the maximum extent possible, its annual budget, capital improvement program, and future bonding programs.